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Post by Zechi on Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:15 pm

The history of the Hades Clan is a lengthy one. Its past holds incidents of rebellion,(DarkHades, Judges and Reborne) members recruited to other guilds,separation, spies within the ranks, epic battles,(Lotus, Hyksos) glorious moments, which is a part of our gaming life. Its past holds real life meetings (EB's) and countless hours of fun and family-ness with an added spice of challenges that were all overcome by its loyal members.

There will be members who will quit. There will always be those who will attempt to recruit its members. There will be more problems, clan issues, friends turns into enemies. Games will come and go. Guilds will rise and fall. Members will join and leave. Real-Life will pull dear friends away from us as they concentrate on life than gaming. New friends will come and new games will be in the horizon, We have been knocked down couple of times and almost cost us to disband our clan. But because of our belief in friendship Hades Clan still remains.
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