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Hades Clan Rules  *UPDATED* Empty Hades Clan Rules *UPDATED*

Post by Hades on Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:21 pm


  • All policies stated herewith are observed with utmost attention at all times.
  • Do not underestimate the value of the clan.
  • Violations will be treated with the necessary levels of disciplinary action. This shall be observed among all members, ranking or non-ranking.
  • Respect all your clan mates in all aspects.
  • Every member of the clan makes the clan. The clan is the members and the members make up the clan.
  • Do not mock, insult or disrespect any of your clan mates in any form, an insult to one member will be treated as the same as insulting all the other members and the entire clan.
  • Treat all players of the game with the same respect you are supposed to deserve. If you treat anyone
    else lower, you are treated the same way by those people you disrespected.

  • Friendly PK is allowed. PK of your own clan mate is not allowed.
  • PK at your own risk. So, if you are on PK mode and has been PK'ed by other players, don't expect that the clan would help you with it. Face your own problem. Do not bring the whole clan into it.


A. For all Non – Officers:

  • Observe the ranks at all times. Your officers are your leaders, keep that in mind. Any form of disrespect within the ranks will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary measures.
  • The clan master shall be heard with 100% attention. During times when only the master is allowed to speak, it will be observed with no question and full attention. (e.g. Territorial Wars, no one is allowed to speak in the clan chat except for the Master himself.)
  • During the absence of the master, the next rank will be considered the Officer-in-charge as of the chain of command will be observed, or as appointed by the master to be in charge.
  • Every member is obliged to follow each and every rule diligently, if not religiously, at all times.
  • For guest members, they will be notified of the rules and will comply with 100% obedience, as if they are permanent members themselves. They will not be treated with any specialty or immunity if given they make a violation.
B. For all Ranking Members (Master, Marshall, Major and Captain)

  • Keep in mind that officers are role models. All officers represent each and everyone of the clan.
  • The ranks are not made to be above the law, but made to uphold the law. Break a rule and you will be treated with the same action as if you are a member, you may be a captain or be the master yourself.
  • All officers are given the responsibility of keeping the rule upheld in the clan.
  • Officers are required to follow all the necessary procedures before any player.
  • May be admitted or recruited into the clan, given the exemption of a particular event or circumstance. (e.g. player visit for participation of TW).


  • The clan observes contribution for the production of clan funds. This rule will be observed by all members with compulsory effect and will not be subject to questioning.
  • The clan contribution collected will be kept by an appointed clan treasurer. All members will be updated with the clan funds on the forums.
  • A minimum of 1 million Yuan per member will be collected every month. This is not subject to questioning.
  • A member will be will be notified if he/she is not paying on time. Non-compliance is met with the
    necessary disciplinary action as mandated by the law

  • The tax collection will only be done on the 1st and 2nd week of the month. This rule will be strictly

  • Collecting clan contribution is for future TW purposes.


  • First and foremost, the minimum level requirement of level 75 will be observed for recruitment.
  • If the player is qualified with the said level, he/she must first fill up an application form in the forums. He/she must fill ALL the necessary fields given. If one field is not answered, the application form will be considered invalid and not to be observed. (No need to register.)
  • Once the player has posted their application form, they should visit once in a while the forums for
    the officers’ decisions. A player must get at least 3 votes for them to be able to proceed to the next step of the recruitment.

  • When a player gets at least 3 votes, they would be asked to private message in – game at least one of
    the officers given to them in the forums. An initial interview would be conducted in – game.

  • If necessary, there will be a final interview with the clan master, before admitted.
  • Once the applicant has passed the interview, only by then the representing officer may recruit the

  • A newly admitted member will be put under probationary status for a period of time as mandated by the clan master.
  • The newly admitted member is subject to payment of the tax subject to that month, if recruited within
    the first or second week of that month.

  • Every member subject for recruitment will be required to register over the forums, briefed with the
    rules as posted and will comply.

  • Every player below level 80 will be required to advance one level in a maximum time span of two (1) week, player above level 80 up to 89 will be required to advance one level in a maximum time span of two (2) to three (3) weeks; otherwise they will be put under probation and will be subject to the necessary disciplinary action as mandated.


  • In the event of a violation, a first warning will be given to the violator. This warning will be given to
    the violator through private messaging.

  • In the event that the warning will be treated with a violent reaction, the violator will be subject for
    a fine
    of an agreed amount by the officers and the master. The fine will be placed in the clan funds.

  • Given so, the person will be subject under probation of 2 weeks.
  • Upon the second violation on the probationary period, he will be given a second warning, which will be
    announced over the clan chat window.

  • If the violator persists on disobedience, he will be subject to expulsion.
  • An expelled member of the clan will have his name and violation posted on the forums, to be put in record
    and be seen by everyone.

  • In some cases, an expulsion of a member will depend on the discretion of the master. If necessary, the
    violator may be expelled immediately, depending on the situation. This rule is absolute and will not be subject to questioning.

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